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Northwest Fudge Factory


Welcome to Northwest Fudge Factory

 Canada and USA Wholesale and Fundraising Fudge. Favorite flavors and Colors.

Established in 2001, Northwest Fudge Factory has quickly become Ontario's Leading manufacturer and wholesaler of Cream & Butter Fudge. We are the only Canadian company offering Pre Measured Fudge Ingredients/ Mix, and have simplified the fudge making process to work in your fudge kettle or even a microwave! We also have ready- made fudge in 3 formats for those wanting it made fresh and ready to sell. Choose from our counter top fudge bites, attractively packaged deli containers or 5 lb bulk fudge options!

We have made fudge making and fudge selling a simple and profitable experience. We have a retail outlet, have done major Trade shows such as the Canadian National Exhibition, provide fundraising opportunities to schools, groups and organizations, and specialized in cost competitive wholesale options. There is nothing about Fudge that will stump us!

As the current Guinness World Record Holder for the World's Largest Slab of Fudge (5,750 lbs) no job is too big or too small! Take a moment to browse our website, and contact us if you have any further questions!

Excellent Fundraising Opportunities for:
Schools - Dance teams, Gymnastics Clubs - Daycares, Basketball teams, Soccer clubs, Hockey Teams, Figure skating teams - Cadets - Scouts - Lions Groups - Shriners - United Way - YMCA- Charities - and More!

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